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Unicorn Customer Services. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Our entire team grew a passion through our call center experiences.

Challenging the status quo on how calls are handled to meet the new and ever changing needs of  customers as they have evolved throughout the years.


Founded by proven call center executives with over 40 years experience in sales and customer service, leading thousands of agents in both onshore (BPO) and offshore (BPO) environments

Worked with Global brands like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Verizon, Ttec, Direct Energy, Dish, Nextiva and Angie's List.

Sourced a team of call center leaders and work from home agents throughout the Philippines and Malaysia, whom are fully vetted and trained by our staff.

Hired employees, provide the equipment, and cover internet expenses which is all included in our fees.

Implemented a state of the art communication and CRM platform that our agents use to handle your calls. The award-winning  platform is available to use on both desktop and mobile devices.



Companies are just not effectively making human connections anymore, which is greatly impacting their return on investment and their ability to generate new leads.


What that means is building wow experiences on each and every call for your customers, So that customers will leave positive reviews about your company.


NexLev was created to provide exceptional customer services for the small and medium size business.

Anytime! Anywhere!


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